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Spiritual Awakening: The Body-Mind Connection with Ruby Jusas, Certified Health Coach

I strive to bring you inspiring examples of spiritual awakenings and enlightenments from all different ages and backgrounds. But, one group I feel I have yet to touch upon is that of young 20-somethings who are just coming into adulthood. I want to introduce you to 22-year-old Ruby Jusas, a Certified Health Coach who is wise beyond her years.

Ruby is the perfect example of how a spiritual awakening can mean many things. Many people picture it as this buddha like version of yourself sitting at the top of a mountain meditating for hours upon hours. While this could be true, this is more of a fantasy and the unrealistic picture behind an awakening. A spiritual awakening can come in many forms, with many different outcomes. For Ruby, her outcome was her relationship with herself, food, and her growing professional career.

I'd also like to note how an awakening can happen at any time and any age. Regardless, there is no perfect or ideal time to experience a spiritual awakening; it happens in due time.

Ruby's allowed her to propel herself into a rewarding professional career and create new confidence within herself. "Along our journey into adulthood, as we get older, women make decisions with our minds rather than our hearts, causing that to disconnect to our emotions from what we really want and can even bring up feelings of fraud."

Ruby adds, "We begin to agree or go along with things that maybe don't resonate with our core values or beliefs."

Like many empaths, Ruby tends to fall into people-pleasing, which brings many of us to find ourselves somewhat lost in our identities.

When Ruby was 18, she was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Hashimoto's. At that same time, she also had PCOS, pelvic floor dysfunction, and anxiety. "I ignited my prayer and my faith. I focused on loving my body and not shaming it for the inconveniences that it was putting me through. And I looked inward at the emotions that were coming up for me, what they meant, and how they reflected into other areas of my life. Because my motto now is, things don't happen to you. They happen for you."

One of Ruby's biggest realizations was that awareness is the first step to creating change. She now coaches her clients on bringing awareness to their own routines. "What I found was emotions that come to the surface, like for example, for me, the fear of rejection, guilt, worrying about what other people think, [these] are not coming up to keep you stuck, or to take you away from your wellbeing or your success. But they're coming up for you to become aware of them and to let them go."

The body uses these negative feelings and emotions to help push you and propel you to move forward to the place you are meant to be in.

"Do you ever think about what you think about? Are your thoughts chaotic? Are they focused on the past? Are they focused on fears or limiting beliefs, or worst-case scenarios?"

When we focus on blessings, gratitude, and success, we will start to only see those things. This is a great way to switch from that fixed mindset to one of growth, seeing your challenges as opportunities.

"I feel blessed to go through what I went through. Because I knew from that early age. I watched food literally save me. And I felt this urging almost like a call to action to ensure I could support and guide more people in their own healing and wellness journeys."

You can listen to our full conversation here. To learn more about Ruby, follow her on Instagram at or visit her website:

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