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"Eclipsing the Past: Unveiling Your Cosmic Path to Healing and Empowerment"

solar eclipse healing power
Total Eclipse April 2024

I don’t know about you, but the last few weeks have me totally vibing with Bonnie Tyler’s, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”! This recent Total Eclipse made headlines because of how accessible the Totality path was to people in the U.S., without having to travel to the literal “ends of the Earth” to catch a glimpse. It was the first total solar eclipse seen in no other country but the U.S. since the nation’s birth in 1776. Dubbed “The Great American Eclipse,” it was also the first one visible from the contiguous U.S. since 1979. 

So, great……why should we care?

Well, back to Bonnie Tyler’s unforgettable ballad Total Eclipse of the Heart! This timeless favorite is about a love affair that prevents you from leaving, even though it would be healthy to do so. The song's lyrics compare an ended romance to an eclipse, with the "total eclipse of the heart" lines referring to a lover who overshadows one's life so much that the sun's light is blocked out, plunging the person's heart in darkness.

Whether you are an astrology lover or not, we all felt the impact of this cosmological event! 

It might not have been an unhealthy love affair per say that got revealed to you during this eclipse season, but SOMETHING became visible to you that has been “Eclipsing” your life for as long as you can remember. 

As I said, I am no astrologer, but I am going to do my best to sum up (in as few words as possible lol), the other thing that made this Eclipse so special for YOU. At the same time that the Sun, Moon and Earth were aligning for the Eclipse, the asteroid Chiron was also aligning with the Sun. Chiron is also known as the Wounded Healer. Long story short, Chiron can help reveal where your life’s work will be as far as The Wound you bear. So this particular alignment wasn’t just highlighting any old wound that needs to be healed, it highlighted THE WOUND!

The most beautiful thing about the story of Chiron is that the wound that scarred him for life, became the testimony and power behind his ability to heal others. This can be true for all of us! The most difficult part about our Chiron wound is that we will carry it for our lifetime. What we decide to do with that is where our Story of Power and Purpose is born. 

This Eclipse presented us with a very important choice: Will we claim the wound that was revealed to us and the power it possesses, or will we continue to victimize ourselves with it?

Bonnie Tyler knows about the “love affair” with the thing we can’t seem to let go of, even when we know it isn’t good for us. Most likely, each of us will have to identify what our “love affair” with our wound is in order to truly begin to draw power from its lessons. Seems crazy to think that we would be willing to “love” something that hurts us again and again, and holds us back from being the most powerful version of ourselves. That programming is DEEP! The subconscious has one goal: Keep You Alive! We have all heard the saying, “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.” Survival depends on keeping the enemy in sight, so your subconscious will develop a relationship with that wound so it serves you daily. It will become part of who you are, because your subconscious believes you need it to stay alive. Our wound becomes our identity and we figure out ways to make it serve us to get what we need from life. It will become the foundation of how we do everything. It will create behaviors, develop beliefs around love, success, self-worth, and eventually build a filter through which you see ALL of life. This filter will cherry-pick what you see, hear, feel, and think in order to gather evidence that you are your Wound. All of this will occur without your consciousness of it! 

Liberating ourselves from this “prison of perception” is possible! This Eclipse season, although quite merciless in its tactics, has presented us with the opportunity to begin this process, or begin the next chapter of healing if you are already on the path. 

So, how do we begin to harness the power of this discovery?

  1. Reflect on the Wound: Take some time to think about what challenges have popped up for you over the last couple of weeks. The ones that feel familiar or repetitive are where you want to go first! 

  2. Get Curious About Your Discovery: Ok, so you have identified what has come up, now it's time to ask it some questions! How has this shown up for you throughout your life? Does it appear in more than one area of life? What are the feelings that come up for you when you explore these patterns or events? Who do you blame, or assign responsibility to, for this wound? 

  3. Identify the Belief Seeds Planted by the Wound: This part can be a bit difficult for some of us to dig into. Figuring out who we are inside of the wound means how it worked its way into your identity. What we have come to believe about ourselves due to the wound, is the foundation to understanding what needs to be healed. For Example: Here are a few of the things that I have discovered about myself through this process. “I am not enough”, “I am not safe”, “I don’t deserve to have feelings or needs of my own”, “To be loved means that I must let others hurt me”, “I am on my own”. These are just a few out of the list of Beliefs that I have identified that grew out of the Wound. 

  4. Understand the Behaviors that Serve the Wound: Once we can see the Beliefs that were created by the Wound, we can begin to see how our behaviors developed to protect us from the pain of those beliefs. Again I will use myself as an example: Traits developed to protect me- Perfectionism, Defensiveness (I am always right), Emotional Hyper-vigilance, Chronic Over-Thinking, People-Pleasing, Caretaking, Little to No Boundaries, Difficulty saying No, No Personal Identity, Few Personal Interests, Emotional Avoidance, Diversion of Praise………..shall I go on? 

  5. Time To Get Real and Get Humble: Ugh…..listing all those things is exhausting, but eye-opening! It is no wonder so many of us suffer from anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and inflammation. If you look at that list again you will see that there is no space for LIVING or THRIVING in there. It is a constant state of survival, fight or flight, fawn or freeze. All of your energy is going into supporting the existence of the wound, and then the attempt to medicate ourselves out of the state we have placed ourselves in. The humility part is the toughest because most of us like to blame something outside of ourselves for the pain because taking responsibility for it means we have to do something about it. 

  6. Take Responsibility: This isn’t about taking the blame for what caused the original wound. That wasn’t your fault. What we are talking about is standing up and declaring that you refuse to be powerless to it anymore! This is about owning where you are right now, how you have contributed to it through the unconscious behaviors you identified above, and what step you are willing to take to live consciously.  Asking ourselves hard questions takes a lot of courage, but you have it in you! Look how far you have come already!  We must ask ourselves how our perception of life, based on the discoveries we made above, have led us to create more suffering for ourselves, and possibly others. Where have our behaviors gotten in our way? How is it affecting our relationships? How is it holding us back from success? How is it preventing you from healing your body?

  7. Take the First Step:The most difficult part of this is taking the first step towards a new you. That first step is FORGIVENESS. We must be willing to give ourselves grace and forgive ourselves for what we did not know and could not see before now. (Forgiveness is a process that deserves its own blog! For now though, let’s just focus on YOU.) That being said, it is very common to be drawn into guilt and shame upon making these discoveries. You have to understand that it is impossible for you to have done anything differently than you did. We are always doing the best we can within our current level of consciousness and understanding. Feel the feelings without victimizing or punishing yourself. Hold yourself in love and compassion the same way you would for another, and declare the process of forgiveness. Remain observant and remind yourself that there is always a choice. 

Going through this self-discovery process will bear many gifts. One of which will be the tools to help another through their own healing process. Your testimony of healing is one of the most powerful gifts you can give to the world. God will never let your pain be in vain. 

The last thing I will say about this incredible chapter of awakening and healing that we are being offered is that there is no timeline for this journey. Think about an animal that has been kept in captivity its entire life. You can open the door to its cage to set it free, and it will still choose to stay because it is all it has ever known. Give yourself all the “rewilding” time you need to step out of your cage, just know the door is now open! 

With Love,


If you are going through this process and have no idea how to begin, consider gifting yourself with the somatic support you need. The Emotion, Body and Belief Code are designed to do just this, and combined with Soul Coaching, you give yourself the opportunity to accelerate your healing process and relieve the body of the energetic burden of unresolved wounds and trauma.

To learn more about the services offered, visit and choose the path that resonates with you the most!


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