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Be the Curator and Creator of Your Realitywith The Belief Code!

Welcome to the next generation of the Ground-Breaking Energy Healing system offered by Discover Healing and created by Dr. Bradley Nelson!
We can now remove negative thought patterns and belief systems buried deep in the subconscious mind with this new form of energy healing. The Belief Code is how you can overcome limiting beliefs and build on the foundational concepts taught in the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™. The Belief Code® takes energy healing to a whole new level.
What is the Belief Code
Remember that approximately 90% of the data we are accessing at any given moment during our day is Subconscious and automatic. This means that there is a high probability that the "Truth Filter" that you are viewing life through is one that A) You are completely unaware of, and B) One that you did not consciously choose or create!
At the center of those moments in life when we feel like we are doing everything right, making moves to heal and become more self-aware, yet we continue to meet patterns of sabotage and limitation, THAT is where the Belief system is perpetuating a falsehood!
Beliefs give structure to our lives and are responsible for how we view life, the world, ourselves and others. They are the Rule Book we play by each and every day. 

What are the Benefits of The Belief Code?

Each of these 7 Categories aligns with Energy Centers, Body Systems, Emotions and Psychological Development. The Subcategories within provide statements that give meaning and shape to the different aspects of our Belief systems. 

Bringing these Belief systems into your consciousness has so many Benefits!!
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Free your mind, body, and spirit from beliefs that have been holding you back!

The Anatomy of a Belief System

Dr. Nelson likens the structure of a Belief System to that of a tree. To remove a tree, you must "top" the leaves and branches first, then take down the trunk, and finally grind the stump and remove the roots. If any parts of the tree are left behind, there is a possibility that it will re-generate and begin to grow again.

Dealing with a Belief system is very similar! You must identify all of its parts, systematically clear them, and make sure that the root is removed.

So, what are the "anatomical" parts to a Belief System?
We begin by identifying the Negative Programs, which are the most conscious of all of the statements. These are the dialogues of negative self-talk that we are aware of and are usually repetitive and intrusive.

Next are the Limiting Beliefs that fall just beneath the surface of the Critical Mind. These are the deeper and more subconscious thought forms that we have some trouble accessing on our own without someone helping us.

Last is the Faulty Core Belief. This is considered the "Root" or origin of the entire Belief System and it is completely unconscious to us.

Some Belief systems also have a Faulty Core Identity attached to them, usually originating from 0-7 years of age.
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Remove those Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back!

Start being the Curator and Creator of your Reality today!

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