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Animal Healing

Spiritual Advising

Just like us, our animals also have soul contracts. It isn't an accident that they were paired up with you. During a reading, you can get to know them a little better and often they will have messages for you!

Energy Healing

What most animal owners don't realize is that animals take on our stuff. Meaning when energy blocks need to be cleared from our pets, 75% of the time it is a shared issue with the owner.they are little transmuters, little healers, and in some cases, little Masters that have come to help and heal you!

Taking care of your pet's energetic health can prevent manifestation of physical, emotional ad mental health issues. The Emotion Code is a gentle and effective way to find out and resolve the underlying energetic issues that could be contributing to health and behavioral disruptions. The 30 min sessions that are offered, are the perfect setting to get a thorough and insightful look at your pet, and clear whatever is needed to prioritize their health and happiness.

These sessions are done offline and recorded so you can book at your convenience. A link to the recording and copy of the notes will be emailed to you at the close of the session.

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