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Animal Healing

We all understand the deep love and connection we have with our pets, but what we aren't always aware of is how much our pets absorb from us through those connections. Our animals are our healing companions! That bond of unconditional love goes both ways, and they take on our burdens as much as we take on being their protectors and caretakers. 

90% of the energy cleared from animals are emotions that they have absorbed from their owners and/or their environments. After a time of carrying these trapped emotions, their little bodies become overwhelmed, just like ours do! They also carry the genetic memories and imbalances of their parents, just like we do.

Taking care of your pet's energetic health can prevent manifestation of physical, emotional ad mental health issues. The Body Code is a gentle and effective way to find out and resolve the underlying energetic issues that could be contributing to health and behavioral disruptions. The 30 min sessions that are offered, are the perfect setting to get a thorough and insightful look at your pet, and clear whatever is needed to prioritize their health and happiness.

These sessions are done remotely, and you have the option of being present or not. the approach is equally effective, no matter what you choose. 

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