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Intuitive Soul Coaching

Through Jenny's holistic wellness approach, or Soul Coaching method, energy blocks are identified within the client's Body, Mind & Spirit that are potentially holding them back from the health, connectedness and purpose they are searching for. By targeting and addressing these needs on an ongoing basis, clients can improve their health, relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives.

This proven process can help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with Conscious and Intentional strategies for overcoming each obstacle. These strategies are built by helping you to make the most of your strengths and gifts- Your Internal and Divine Design! 

Her unique approach, which she calls "Feel It to Heal It", keeps the client in the present moment and targets the priority need first. Emotional Intelligence is at the foundation of sustainable wellness! Studies have proven that developing a healthy relationship with our Emotions, and increasing our ability to connect with ourselves as Emotional beings, greatly influences our overall health and the level of fulfillment we experience in our lives.

Our Emotional Body is the horizon line of our existence. It literally sits in between our Physical Self and our Spiritual Self. It creates a navigational blueprint for our growth, fulfillment and wisdom. YOUR BODY IS YOUR GREATEST TEACHER!! It is a language that MUST be learned and used everyday.

As the client becomes more conscious of their Emotions, Triggers, and Body Reactions, the subconscious healing needs unfold organically and growth can take on a much more natural flow. When combined with her Medical Intuitive gifts and the extraordinary Body & Belief Code techniques, the client can release the block the moment they become conscious of it! This exponentially accelerates the healing process, and creates a holistic shift of body, mind and spirit.  

Jenny has helped 100's of clients connect with, and heal, the origin of the obstacles that stood between them and their purpose and joy. Each one renewed and strengthened their personal relationship with themselves and to God/Spirit/Source/Universe.

The question is, are YOU ready to begin this journey to Self-Awareness & Wholeness?

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