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Jenny Israel CPC

My Approach

I believe in holistic wellness, meaning that I approach happiness and health from the perspective that the body, heart, mind and spirit all need to be addressed. I have spent years studying the connection of Mind and our Central Nervous System function and how these are intimately connected to our Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health.

Everything is energy and nothing exists in isolation of anything else. Energy is vibratory, it has frequency. Everything in the Universe has a frequency. Each of us has a frequency. Our individual frequency is an average of all of vibrations that make up our physical, mental and emotional bodies. My healing gifts allow me to "see" the low vibrational blocks within people's energy bodies. With the modality I use, the client gains deep understanding and consciousness around the issues that are creating imbalances in their lives.

The synergy of the Emotion, Body, and Belief Code, along with the increased Spiritual and Emotional Intelligence gained through the Coaching process, allows the client to release those blocks from their Energy Fields. Over time, this raises an individual's average frequency. The higher the frequency, the more optimal your wellness! Low vibrational energy blocks within the physical body, most often created out of emotional trauma, create a vulnerability that can lead to cellular deterioration, which then can lead to illness or injury. The body cannot heal itself properly with this disruption. By removing these, the body can resume it's natural frequency of health and do it's job to heal itself!

As you raise your overall vibration, you are also magnetizing a higher vibrational life. This means, love, abundance, joy, clarity, peace and purpose. You are able to live a more conscious and connected life, activating your full potential.

Why do I love the Emotion, Body and Belief Code?

I started my energy healing journey in 2009 and have been attuned to quite a few energy systems, and certified in twice as many “techniques”. All along this path, my medical intuitive gift stayed the foundation for the work that I was doing and how I was assisting my clients in their personal healing journeys. Although I was able to help many, my ongoing frustration was that the direction that I was Divinely receiving for my clients didn’t seem to match with any one modality that I had in my tool box. I always seemed to be trying to combine things, or come up with my own way of doing things, in order to address the root cause of the issue that was being shown to me. This often left me feeling a bit overwhelmed, and disjointed, in the way I was treating them, and they were left feeling like there was no real “treatment plan” for what they were suffering from. 


That was until I discovered the Emotion and Body Code in 2015. I had finally found a modality that matched the way I was being divinely guided through people’s bodies! Dr. Bradley Nelson, the author of the Emotion Code and creator of the Body Code, built a mind-mapping system using a combination of his experiences during decades of practice as a chiropractor AND divine guidance from God, that speaks directly to the subconscious mind and accesses the library of archived information that belong to YOU and only YOU. This means that your treatment plan is ALWAYS customized and unique to you and your body’s needs. It addresses YOU as a whole person, body, mind and soul, allowing us to be holistically guided to the most important issue first. Once I integrated it into my coaching practice and saw the results, I was hooked!


The laser focus, and clinical nature of this modality, systematically peels back one layer at a time, revealing the path of imbalance and misalignment that has occurred. 90% of time there are trapped emotions found at the root of it all! By clearing away the “clutter” of these unfinished emotional experiences from the body, we are then able to restore the circuits that were disrupted and allow the body to resume its natural ability to heal itself.


What's more, Its healing capabilities are not limited to the physical body! The Body Code and NOW THE NEW BELIEF CODE also helps to identify limiting beliefs that have created blocks or stalls in our personal development, career goals, relationships, finances….and just about any other area of life where we could experience patterns of self-sabotage!


No matter how many clients, the variety of imbalances faced or how many treatments I get to conduct, I am ALWAYS in awe of how powerful and effective this technique is! This is why I have let go of other practices over time, and dedicated the core of my practice to this technique.


If you are ready to heal from the inside out, then let’s start this journey together! 

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