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"Feel It to Heal It"
Soul Coaching Programs

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The foundation of the Coaching is the same in all offerings, it just depends on the level of commitment you are looking to make! Packages are designed to offer a client an opportunity for long-term healing and growth no matter which you choose, but the longer the commitment, the greater the return. 


For clients that are committed to ongoing work, the packages are recommended. All Coaching sessions are one hour in length, and mix therapeutic conversation with Emotion and Body Code work. 

3 session package- $600 ($200 per session)

6 session package- $1050 ($175 per session)

12 session package- $1860 ($155 per session)

All packages must be paid in full before the start of the first session. Virtual and In-Person are available.

To learn more, visit the information page.

To book In-Person Session, Click here.

To book a Virtual (Zoom or Phone) Session, Click here.


If you are a pre-existing client and are looking for a "tune-up", this would be the session for you. 

If you are a new client looking to "test drive" the process before committing,

you may want to consider booking a Full Body Discovery Session (see below) OR you can book a single Coaching session and then decide to move into a pro-rated package, and still receive the package price going forward. 

To learn more, visit the information page.

To book In-Person Session, Click here.

To book a Virtual (Zoom or Phone) Session, Click here.

**Although individual sessions are available, the opportunity for a significant or long term shift in a single session is unlikely. For long term results, ongoing work and practice is required.

Chakra Health Scan & Heart Wall Removal

This 90 min Comprehensive Discovery Session is a great way to START your healing journey with the Body and Emotion Code work! It is also a perfect session for someone who is interested in learning more about the Soul Coaching and Emotion/Body Code Techniques, but isn't ready to commit to a full coaching package. 

In this session you will receive:

  • Scan of each Chakra center to check it's overall function

  • Emotional Age of each Chakra

  • Heart Wall discovery and removal

  • Supportive Intuitive Soul Coaching

  • Limited Body Code investigation if appropriate

This is a wonderful way to get a baseline idea of what is really going on in your body and where the work needs to get done. Having a Heartwall removed is also a foundational way to begin clearing "Emotional Baggage" that is blocking you from Health & Happiness. You can choose to stop with this session OR use this thorough scan as the benchmark of the continued work through the Feel It to Heal It Soul Coaching programs.

Zoom or In-person sessions available- $333

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30 min Emotion/Body Code Sessions

If you are strictly interested in experiencing the benefits of the Emotion and Body Code Techniques, these are the sessions for you!

These 30 min laser-focused sessions target your issue, whether it be Emotional, Mental or Physical. These are the best options for children and animals as well. It is an incredibly effective and cost-efficient way to start your healing. 

Based on your intention for the appointment, the appropriate codes associated with underlying misalignment will be identified and corrected. 3 sessions is the minimum suggested to experience deep and long term healing benefits. However, most clients experience a shift after a single session.

Single session is $111

**Referrals through Dr. Keri Chiappino are eligible for sessions at a reduced cost. Please contact me for further details.

Package of 3 is $288

Package of 6 is $570

Package of 10 is $960

To learn more about the Emotion and Body Code, click here.

Book Now for an In-Person Session

Book Now for a Virtual Session (Can be done via Zoom, Phone or an Emailed Session. Emailed sessions are perfect for those that want to continue the work and are unable to book face-to-face sessions. They are just as effective as being present for the session. When booking, please specify your preference for the session.)

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