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Full Body Energy Scan is Back!

This Discovery Session favorite hasn't been offered since 2019! 

Although this is a wonderful tool for anyone curious in getting a total snapshot of their Energetic Health, it is a MUST HAVE for any client looking for long term shifts. 

This session provides you with a complete Medical Intuitive snapshot of every Chakra, PLUS a Heart Wall inventory! This scan allows you to get a thorough perspective of where the body is experiencing the greatest levels of imbalance, what is happening in each area (currently and historically) and sets you up with a greater understanding of your Design. 

There are two 0ptions for this one hour session:

1) Informative Full Body Scan- $222

A detailed chakra scan, disruptive Emotion Codes currently residing in the body, inventory of Heart Walls, and all overall Medical Intuitive Scan of your spiritual fitness. 

2) Comprehensive Full Body Scan with Healing- $333

All of what is listed above, but you ALSO will get the removal of all Codes and Heart Walls discovered. 

With this next level of consciousness and understanding about yourself, you can set forth with the knowledge you need to "do the work" to become the best version of yourself, Body Mind and Soul. You can choose to simply have this one-of-a-kind session done as a stand alone service, OR combine this with ongoing Soul Coaching and Emotion Code work, and use this as a benchmark and dig in to your customized healing journey with Jenny. 

Healing is journey, and there is no better way to get started!

This session is offered via Zoom or In-Person. When booking your session, please select which style of session you are choosing, along with the Location (in-person or zoom) of the session.



****UPDATE: AS of March 1st 2021, Energy Healing sessions no longer include Reiki or Angelic Healing work. Healing sessions combine Spiritual and Medical Intuitive Reading, Emotion Code and Body Code work, TFT/EFT tapping and Transformational Life Coaching techniques.


Soul Coaching Services 

Individual Sessions and Packages are available.

Packages-For clients that are committed to ongoing work, the packages are recommended. These 3 sessions, or 3 hours, can be designed to fit your goals! You can decide to focus solely on the Soul Coaching path, or perhaps you want to mix Coaching, Mentoring and Healing. Whatever feels the best is what will be done. Healing isn't linear, so the process shouldn't have to be either.

Individual- Although individual sessions are available, if you are a new client it is recommended that you consider a package for this style of work. For long term results, ongoing work and practice is required. Jenny partners with you to discover what is holding you back in your desires, and provides the opportunity for a quantum shift forward through your commitment to the process.

 Contact Jenny to customize YOUR journey! 

Service Descriptions

Intuitive Soul Coaching/Mentoring Sessions- $222/or $525 for package/3

Through Jenny's holistic wellness approach, or Soul Coaching method, energy blocks are identified within the client's Mind, Body and Heart that are potentially holding them back from the health, connectedness and purpose they are searching for. By targeting and addressing these needs on an ongoing basis, clients can improve their health, relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives.

This proven process can help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with Conscious and Intentional strategies for overcoming each obstacle. These strategies are built by helping you to make the most of your strengths and gifts- Your Internal and Divine Design! 

This session is ideal for those just looking for coaching support. If you also desire Healing work, see the packages below.

To learn more, visit the information page.

To book In-Person Coaching Session, click here

To book a Virtual (Zoom or Phone) session, click here.

Intuitive Soul Coaching and Healing Combination Sessions- $250/or $600 for package/3- MOST POPULAR

This package includes the Soul Coaching approach explained above, but also includes Emotion Code/Body Code work right there in your session! This is the most popular way to work with Jenny because the blocks can be cleared the moment that they are identified within the session. This provides the client with a somatic modality that not only identifies the Trauma block holding them back, but also offers the opportunity to release it!

The combination approach is laser-focused, powerful and rapid path to shift.

To book In-Person Coaching/Healing Combo Session, Click here.

To book a Virtual (Zoom or Phone) Coaching/Healing Combo Session, Click here.

30 Minute Emotion Code/Body Code Intuitive Healing session-$111/or $288 for Pkg of 3-  

A focused healing session to release energy blocks and trauma from the body that could be interfering with natural healing processes. Perfect for kids and animals! This session is not done live. This session is PRE-RECORDED and sent to the recipient via a link to access the reading/healing. Click here to book.




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