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Spirit Says March is about Forging New Paths

The only way forward is into the Great Unknown. This month prepares us for the rest of the year. Yes, you heard that correctly. The seeds we plant this month will determine the harvest. So, it's time to ask yourself some really important questions about where your mindset currently sits? What is driving you? What are you focusing on?

Imagine yourself as one of the original pioneers. Loading your covered wagon with the things you think you will need for the journey West, you try to prepare the best you can to embark on a path that no one else has. You have no idea what is ahead of you, so you take the basics that you know the body needs to survive and maybe some universal tools. All that, along with the wisdom in your head, you set forth to fulfill your wildest dreams, resigned to the risks and challenges that lay ahead. This is called Faith in action.

March is the month that drives us forward into our version of the "West." We will do this, not because we aren't afraid, but because the other option is no longer good enough for us! You have two choices. Stay where you are and atrophy, be stuck. OR, crack the whip and start the journey. Either way, it will be uncomfortable. Either way, you will be confronted with a geyser of emotions. Either way, you will be faced with your growth.

Why not face all those things while ALSO driving towards unimaginable potential?!

We have officially reached a point of no return in our evolution, and March brings that into full manifestation with the season of Rebirth. Spring Solstice and the beginning of a new astrological year launch us into this dimensional overhaul. All of our planets are active this month, and there is A LOT happening! Being ready to expect the unexpected is about the only thing we really can do to "prepare." Your history can not be a benchmark for what is to come. God is doing something new, and we cannot possibly comprehend how that will come into form.

How do we navigate this?

Open yourself up to anything! Keep your mind focused on the Miracle and Magic of the unknown! Unlimited Potential can only be reached with Unlimited Perspective. Stop asking what's coming, what it will look like, or what you should do to prepare. The less you can see, the more possibilities there are!

Drop into the wisdom of your heart, open all of your senses and extra senses, put yourself in God's hands.......and crack the whip!

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