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Unlock the Healing Power of Your Subconscious Mind!

"Future medicine will be the medicine of Frequencies."

- Albert Einstein

All those decades ago, the discovery of the Quantum Mechanics of our world started giving hints as to how the profound laws of energy could potentially shift our "future" perspective of health and medicine.

The "future" is now and there is more research every day that shows how harnessing the power of the subconscious mind has quantum effect on healing our overall wellbeing and longevity.

The Body Mind connection is no longer an abstract idea. Scientific research has proven again and again that there is a direct correlation between unresolved trauma and long-term, chronic illness and imbalances in the physical body.

The Body Code, and it's supporting modalities, the Emotion and Belief Code, introduced by Dr. Bradley Nelson, directly tap into this natural technology in our bodies, and in a very short period of time, can identify the origin/root cause of imbalances that create dissonance in your day -to-day life, AND CORRECT THEM.

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Join me, Jenny Israel CPC, so we can unearth the layers of imbalance that will reveal what your body truly needs to correct in order for the natural healing process to resume!


What are the Body Code and Emotion Code?

These modalities are a form of energy healing which deals with balancing the body in these different aspects – emotional, energetic, nutritional, structural, pathogens and toxicity. The Body Code is a sophisticated and complete method of body balancing. Anything that is imbalanced in the body is able to be identified and corrected. This technique is not meant to replace any medical treatment, but by correcting any underlying imbalances, we help the body’s innate self-healing ability to take over.  As a result, discomfort and malfunction in the body often disappear, the organs function as they should, nutrients are absorbed properly, energy levels are raised, and emotional issues become manageable or nonexistent. The Emotion Code works with the Body Code to identify and eliminate "emotional baggage" that is contributing to the dissonance in the body. The technique works to identify and release Trapped Emotions, which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. Trapped Emotions can cause sadness and anxiousness. Trapped Emotions can block people from feeling love and happiness and make them feel disconnected from others. Because Trapped Emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they exert an influence on the physical tissues, and can cause acute soreness and even more serious issues. Releasing Trapped Emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal itself physically, and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much easier to handle.”

Can the Body Code and Emotion Code work for me?

We are often asked if The Emotion Code® or The Body Code™ will help improve a particular issue. We have seen all kinds of problems helped with the Emotion Code and the Body Code. The underlying causes of all issues is imbalance. Trapped Emotions are the most common underlying imbalances that show up as symptoms. These are discovered and addressed with The Emotion Code.

The Body Code gives a very simple way to ask the subconscious mind what other underlying imbalances there may be, whether they are from pathogens, nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, structural imbalances, circuitry imbalances (such as chakras or acupuncture meridians), and so on.

While we do often see amazing results in using The Emotion Code alone, it is possible that there are also deeper imbalances that could be resolved with The Body Code. The way to find out is to use muscle testing to ask the body.

It may be helpful to work with a Certified Emotion Code or Certified Body Code Practitioner to see what is contributing to an issue, or to learn to work on yourself, and then release the imbalances that appear.

We always like to emphasize that The Emotion Code and The Body Code are never to be used to treat disease. Instead, they are used to remove the underlying imbalances of issues, allowing the body to be in the best place to be able to heal itself. This may seem like a fine distinction, but it is important to point out. We allow the medical community to treat diseases. We just remove imbalances.

What is the Belief Code?

The Belief Code is Level Three in the Discover Healing family of investigative and decoding healing systems.

This level dives into the origin of our values, behaviors and reaction patterns- Our Beliefs. 

There are three sources to our Belief Systems: Self, Inheritance and Suggestion. Regardless of where they come from though, they all have one very important thing in common....They shape our Reality!

Each Belief is like a lens or a filter that we view life through each and every day.
To us, it is absolute and global even if we are the only person in the world that believes it to be true. 

They can shape our fears, abilities, relationships, and emotional reactions, which ultimately then shapes our Success, Self-image, Health, Happiness, Partnerships and Abundance.

Using the exact same process as the Emotion and Body Code, you can begin to identify the Belief Systems that are holding you back, remove them and create new ones! 

You may have heard the saying, "Whatever you are looking for, you will find it." Our Beliefs create self-fulfilling prophecies because we don't know how to see it any other way!

Don't you think it's time to begin CHOOSING your reality instead of allowing old programming to choose it for you?

How can I learn how to practice these methods of healing?

To learn more about this amazing healing system and how you can get your certification journey started go to Discover Healing.

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