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Spirit Says: The Theme of June is Welcome to the New Age!

I have found myself using the metaphor of the Phoenix rising many, many times since we came into the energy of 2021 during our last Eclipse Season in NOV/DEC of 2020. When the Phoenix card came out of the deck I chose for this Energy Forecast, all I could do was smile. We are now fully into the first Eclipse season of 2021 and see last year's themes come full circle!

When I started to open to allow the messages to come in for June, the first image I was given was that of a Volcano erupting...but in the background was the song Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner. Spirit can be quite funny and dramatic at times when it really wants to drive home a message! My take on this? June is going to be the fireworks show....we won't have to wait for July 4th!

The original story behind that song, though, is based on Norse Mythology, and in this particular part of the composition, the warrior maidens on horseback are on their way to the mountaintop after a battle. A victorious spirit, but one that comes after a battle where most likely there was a passionate, violent and bloody end to many.

The better part of June is entrenched in a Cosmic collision of planetary alignments. Change is upon us....permanent and unavoidable. The Ascension is now, and New Earth is forming. Think about the energy of a Volcano....the event that occurs after so much pressure builds within the core of the Earth that it can no longer be contained, and comes rushing violently to the surface to release and balance the Heart of our Planet. In its fiery, destructive form, this natural event has single-handedly been responsible for the death and birth of civilizations, reshaped the landscape of our Earth, and created new life that could stand the test of time. In a word.....Miraculous. We will experience the spirit of this metaphor in every way this month, in our own lives, locally, nationally, and globally. Things are finally emerging to be healed and will reshape our path forward.

Let's look at the three-card pull for the month:

Deck - The Sacred Forest Oracle by Denise Linn

1) Retreat- This was the first card I pulled which is very appropriate considering the Retrograde energy we are in for most of the month. We move through 4 different retrogrades in June! Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune retrograde cycles all touch June. We are all best served to find ways to safely retreat into places of warmth and comfort in our lives during this incredibly powerful time of Transformation and Transcendence. We will be challenged to own our position and commitment to where we want to go and who we want to be in the New Age. Old issues will be visited, if needed, in any area of life that you need visibility of the final steps required to heal them. So reassess your boundary structures in your life to make sure you have the flexibility you need to move through this, but also to protect your sovereignty.

2) Transcending- The Pegasus-Your ride to RISE! This card has Ascension energy all over it! No longer a thing of myth...the magic of the Ascension is real and upon us now. So saddle up and enjoy this ride that will blast through dimensional barriers and merge realms. What things do you enjoy doing that nurture your spiritual development? These things will be needed during this time and help to feather your "retreat" nest while the fireworks are going off outside.

3) Transmutation- The Phoenix- Transmutation is the act of changing from one state of being or one element into another. The Phoenix is legendary for its transmutation in the fire. In the flames, it is reborn, leaving behind its old and tired self to become a passionate, wild and free bird. This is where the victorious spirit of June arises! Rising out of the flames and ashes of the Volcano are new beginnings beyond your wildest dreams! So find your courage to let the old die, once and for all.

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