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Spirit Says: Energy of January 2021 is Duality - Find Your Balance

Card drawn from The ArchAngel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle Deck by Amanda Ellis

We can clearly see that 2021 will challenge our growth right out of the gate with the energy of this month!

The Triple Conjunction brings Mercury into the mix, and the New Moon has brought Pluto into focus. The Wolf Full Moon is coming in two days before our first Mercury Retrograde of the year, starting on January 30th. To say we are battling duality is an understatement.

This month, we will be faced with a full-frontal of our shadow and how our duality plays into our happiness. Our limitations are becoming very visible, mostly ones that are self-imposed. Mercury is the planet of communication from a perspective of deep truth; Pluto is the great revealer, also from a place of profound truth. We are getting up close and personal with our dark and our light; our limitations and strengths; our fears and our joy; death and rebirth. January pulls no punches.

Now, more than ever, we must choose to find balance in our everyday lives. I've been saying it for weeks, and I will say it again- Get in Your Body!! The Air energy is overwhelming and really has our heads spinning. The majority of the ideas that are coming in, though, have the vibration of enlightenment! We are just being challenged to figure out new ways to process, organize, and absorb these "aha!" moments that are dropping in, seemingly all at once. I have gotten into the habit of literally asking Spirit to help me prioritize my focus. My path has been back into daily structured meditation, journaling, and quiet me-time to find my way through this cacophony of voices.

Simultaneously, I am cleaning up my diet, exercising daily, and using my grounding mat each and every day.

The balance of mind and body is more important than ever! Guess what that means?? You have to prioritize yourself!! Many of us have blocks around this, which is one of the messages for this month. Make yourself a priority and FIND YOUR JOY. January may have you in a place of transformation equal to turning you into existential goo....but that is ok! Don't let it stop you from allowing this transformation to continue.

Make a plan, set the needed boundaries to follow through, and GO! Mercury Retrograde will be here before you know it- in fact, we are already starting to experience the pre-shadow of it. And you will need to slow down once again. Use this time to get some things in place that will allow you to connect, ground and organize.

Happy January!!

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