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Spirit Says: April is the Month to Co-Create Your Expansion!

As I was pulling the cards for this month's reading, I was torn between moments where my synapses were exploding and other moments when I wanted to fall to the floor and bawl like a baby! Not tears of pain, mind you.....tears of Joy, Gratitude and Magic.

April's energy cannot be separated from the significance of Easter falling on 4/4-The number 44 symbolizes stability, support, willpower, ability, success, wholeness, inner wisdom, etc.. It is also known as the "Master Healer." Easter literally falls on the most powerful healing day of the year because it provides us with all of the elements that we need to overcome the imbalance of our Egoic Power voice and instead, embrace what we need to build a foundation of Higher Truth and Purpose. It's like someone saying to you,"Step back and look at the Big Picture. Re-evaluate what is really important in life from that higher perspective." It is a number that encourages us to take a leap of faith and build something that matters from the unwavering support of Source God.

What blew me away about the cards that I pulled was that all the cards that had numbers associated with them were all about the 3! The Trinity. Easter brought forth the Holy Spirit to mankind, giving birth to the 3 energy as we understand it within the Christian faith. Long before Jesus, however, the 3 had significant meaning within our foundational systems of Divine Law and the structure of our Universe.

The power of this incoming month is undeniable. It's time to set forth and take action in our lives. We must dig down into our deepest desires and our biggest dreams! Within those stirrings, we will hear the language of our heart, which is the "new frontier" of this Aquarian Age. Remember that we are learning how to balance our intellect between the Mind AND the Heart! The last few months, we have been in cosmic energies that have guided us into a transformational time of shedding. The Goal? Releasing the past by taking inventory of what it taught us and then leaving the rest behind for good. This has given us an opportunity to become more conscious and develop our emotional intelligence which in turn, makes us more objective. All these skills were necessary training for this phase we are entering now!

We must be more discerning than ever now about what "voices" we are tuning in to. Fear is buzzing in the collective as a natural response to major shifts and changes on a global level. When we push into change, the Ego responds in kind with messages of limitations and resistance. This is when understanding the language of the heart becomes your most important asset! Beware the voice of the "trickster" in these times. Even the highest vibrational thought forms can be manipulated by the Ego to hold you back. It will cloak itself in spiritual concepts and words and phrases to distract you from "the work." We must go beyond the structures of the mind and dive into the emotionality of this shift. Our purest Truth and Inner Voice is found there.

Spirit reminds you that you NEVER ALONE and ALWAYS SUPPORTED! When you are building and manifesting from the Heart space, anything is possible!! It is how we make the invisible, VISIBLE. These gifts are embedded in your DNA and the wisdom is more accessible than ever!! The more you tune in, the more you will be surrounded by signs and synchronicities from Spirit. Little messages are always showing up around us to show us we are on the right path and they are guiding us.

I ask you to remember what Jesus was doing during this month. Easter marks his Resurrection, but then he would walk the Earth for 40 days conquering the Veil between Life and Death before his Ascension. During this time, his mission was to inspire Faith and Belief in the power of God. Not just as the Infinite source of Life, but to be able to embody it in our mortal existence each and every day, creating Heaven on Earth. In this time, the Invisible was made Visible. The Impossible became Possible. The constructs of the Mind were overcome by the Passion of the Heart.

The card I pulled for the overall theme of the month is Creation from Amanda Ellis' ArchAngel Metatron Oracle Deck. As you can see it is #3 and features the Sacred Geometric form known as the Flower of Life. The vibration within this form can help you channel Creation in its highest form. Use it for meditation or as a map to create a crystal grid for yourself. It will boost your manifestation and creativity and bring forward anything within your field that needs balancing and healing.

To hear more about this channeling for the month of April and see the full card spread, tune into my IGTV or YouTube channel for the full energy forecast.

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