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Soul Tribe Saturday: Eclipse Season with Charlene Lawrence

This week, I invited a dear friend of mine and incredibly talented Medium Astrologer, Charlene Lawrence, to join me on my podcast. We discuss the energy of the upcoming eclipse season and the intense emotions this season brings.

The eclipse season is just around the corner, literally; it starts this Monday, and there are a lot of energetic shifts happening, which will create a crazy, energetic elixir of anxiety and confusion for most of us.

The season starts with the lunar eclipse, set for November 30th, and soon after a solar eclipse, coming up on December 14th. However, if you’ve already noticed you're feeling anxious, on edge, or feeling a lot of energy surrounding you, well, that's pretty common right now, and you’re not alone.

If you’ve been following me on my podcast or IGTV recently, you've probably already heard me talk about the gateway into the new world, otherwise known as the 5D. The eclipse season is here to further push us past our comfort zone by pulling us a little closer to this “new world.”

According to Charlene, we’re coming into the time of Gemini and Sagittarius, and this shift brings us to a whole new awareness of our beliefs and our understandings of ourselves. It’s during this time that many of us will experience our vision of change. But this isn’t bad; we need this change, and although things are going to feel uncomfortable now, we can take solace in knowing that it will increase our personal growth and strengthen the collective spiritual healing of our planet.

We need to create a space for ourselves to allow things to come to the forefront and be willing to release them.

“My advice around both eclipses is to really focus on self-care and self-care in how you open yourself up to certain communication and information,” says Charlene. “I would highly suggest more time to yourself: more than you might take on the average; more space and time for introspection; [and] more time to allow your feelings to be heard.”

Watch or listen to my full conversation with Charlene here. To learn more about Charlene, visit her at

Blessings and love to all!


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