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November Energy Forecast: Spirit Says Be Unapologetically YOU!

This month's energy has an undeniable intensity when it comes to Transformation! Scorpio season isn't afraid to bring the hidden recesses of the Unconscious to the table and show you exactly where you still aren't honoring yourself. Balance is still the goal, but it will be found through raw Authenticity. November will not settle for anything less than the fully manifested, Rebirthed, Authentic version of YOU.

And don't worry about not knowing what to work with because the energy of this month also promises fully manifested material appearances of issues and unresolved challenges in the Earthly areas of your life.

Finances, Career, Health, and Relationships will mirror at you exactly where the work is needed. Some of these appearances may come through unexpected changes or sudden shifts in your foundation, but none of them are going to be unfamiliar to you.

These will be things that have been in question for months, or maybe the whole year!

Watch out for those old "stories" and "narratives" that are egocentric and still based in fear and anger. These will be coming at us through the mental field....that of our own mind AND the Collective. We are being asked to come into harmony with our Shadow once and for all. Blend our duality, be the most unique and divine version of ourselves that God intended us to be! Be Love in your thoughts and actions toward yourself and others, no matter the challenges that arise. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, and that perspective is what will raise you above the breakers this month and give you a much-needed breath and respite from the raging seas we have been in for months. Last month we were asked to push our ship out of the harbor. Now we are out to sea, and we must hold on to the Trust that our ship will weather the rough waters. We must stay the course!!

There are many gifts to be found, and abundance to be manifested this month! The Scorpio New Moon, 11/11 Manifestation Gateway (our energetic New Year's Day), and the beginning of Eclipse season have a BLOCKBUSTER of a month queued up. The only thing it really asks of us is to COMMIT to yourself....reveal the most Authentic version of yourself to the world, and you will reap the rewards beyond your dreams! There is no place for Fear in this New Age we are stepping into, and the only thing standing in between you and what you desire is YOU.

Dig in and get dirty. Do the work. Take action. Walk the Walk. You are fully supported in this Revolution of Truth. Break your chains.....the time is now.

The world needs you to stand up and be Authentically and Unapologetically you!

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