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Nature’s Energetics with Amy Ippolito and Rosanne Ferraiuolo #SoulTribeSaturday

It’s another Soul Tribe Saturday! This week, I’m talking to my soul sisters Amy Ippolito, Crystal Intuitive, and Rosanne Ferraiuolo, Simplicity Yoga Studio owner, and together owners of The Crystal Butterfly Boutique. We’re discussing why you should be using nature’s energetics as part of your energy healing regimen.

What are nature’s energetics?

These are materials gifted to us from mother earth, including crystals, minerals, essential oils, herbs, and even colors and sound. These materials root us and connect us to our planet and our own healing energies.

Right now, there is a lot of stimulation with the solar eclipse coming up, and it’s also a new beginning that I think we’re all really looking forward to.

At the base of our current struggles, it’s our human self’s challenge to move into a place of enough surrender that we can move our power over into our divinity. Right now, it is the let go and let God. And within this message and this topic, Amy and Rosanne are perfect to deliver these messages because they were both put into a position where they had to challenge themselves and have faith that their chosen path would lead them to their souls’ purpose.

Those of us who are on this path as well are already hypersensitive when looking outside of ourselves. It is this thing that makes us judgmental with ourselves. A lot of the time, what we’re reaching out for is in direct response to something that’s happened inside of us. I believe that there is no better time to be talking about nature’s energetics than at this moment.

Nature’s energetics, for the most part, helps us connect physically with a healing organic material. We need this because maybe that glass of wine or Xanax isn’t working like it once used to.

There is also this need to be in a social environment with other like-minded souls that you can completely vibrate with. In this moment, everyone’s searching for this desire to be authentic, and this desire to be vulnerable, but not sure how to go about that. This is because the ego is firing off in every direction, saying, “don’t you dare, don’t you dare expose yourself in that way, because you’re just going to get hurt.” However, what we’re finding is that the desire to have this vulnerability is starting to outweigh the fear-based vibration inside our bodies, and moving in this direction of finding our true selves and our true calling.

“So much of my life was spent just chasing, chasing, and looking outside of myself for fulfillment. [Will I find this] in the eyes of motherhood,” says Amy. “Is it going to be with marriage, or is it going to be with my career?”

“We’re always in need, every day we wake up: we need something; we need to eat; we need to get dressed; and figure out what the day is going to be like. If [your day] starts with that moment of knowing, ‘Okay, I need to plug into myself, to my higher self [and] my intuition for the day,’ every decision you make is different [from] there and you [can] reach for certain things that are fitting into the puzzle of where your balance is going to be its best equilibrium that day,” Rosanne adds.

As owners of The Crystal Butterfly Boutique, Amy and Rosanne are big advocates for crystals’ energy healing properties. Amy explains, “I love the science of crystals. The crystalline structure of a crystal vibrates at a place where your body can read that energy, and it can create balance within the system.”

“This is not just hippy woo woo nonsense that we’re talking about,” says Rosanne. “These are bioenergetic spheres of activity that emanates from the major nerve ganglia of the spine.”

This is what the current Age of Aquarius is all about; this is where we come into unity, when we understand that there is absolutely zero separation between science and spirit. It doesn’t matter where you are on your spiritual path at this moment; we are all being leveled up.

In this new age where we as a community, learn and have this new self-discovery, we are looking for what we truly resonate with. This truth may be much different than something we would have ever considered.

Watch or listen to our full conversation to hear more about nature’s energetics. To learn more about Amy, you can visit her at and follow her on Instagram and Facebook at @amyippolitorocks. To learn more about Rosanne, you can visit her website and follow her studio on Instagram and Facebook at @simplictyyogastudio.

Blessings and love to all!


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