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Guidance From Gratitude with Robbi Kearns

I've dedicated this month to exploring the power of the Divine Masculine and honoring the men who have embarked courageously toward their spiritual development in this time of Awakening. Today, I'm introducing you to Robbi Kearns, Intuitive Soul Coach and Creator of the Tools For Transformation Workshop.

Robbi recently put his true self forward as an Intuitive Soul Coach and oracle card reader. For Robbi, his breakthrough as a lightworker was all about divine timing. "I was always interested in spirituality and taking classes and workshops, and ultimately, when covid hit, [I] moved upstate out of the city."

Like many people during this time, Robbi felt the pull to explore, especially in light of the "covid hibernation." During this time, he had the space and mental capacity to further explore his interest in spirituality and energy healing.

"I think I did between 20 and 30 [free] readings for people to make sure that I had my flow down."

Embracing the work of a lightworker and doing a reading can be kind of scary when you're new to it. Robbi built his confidence in the craft by creating a personal internship period. Providing friends, family, and friends with free readings is a great way to help you hone your skill and build your confidence as a spiritual mentor.

Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies are becoming more entwined.

"So many people are seeking a new way [of living] coming out of what I call covid hibernation. I feel like the world is moving into this balanced energy. So masculine and feminine are going are starting to be a little more meld. Men are shifting more towards the center instead of being in the extreme," says Robbi.

You can listen to our full conversation here. To learn more about Robbi, follow him on Instagram at or visit his website:

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