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Soul Tribe Saturday: The Power of Play with Kelly Lynn Adams

Have you ever considered the importance of the role of PLAY in your life, from the perspective of wellness and success? I recently hooked up with my long time friend and Mindset Embodiment Coach, Kelly Lynn Adams, to discuss the Power of Play and how to start incorporating it into daily life.

Playing is only meant for little boys or girls, dressing up Barbie or playing with toy trucks in the mud, right? So wrong! Playing is just as important as an adult, as it was when we were kids, and here's why.

Playing can help free up the flow of your life energy, giving you space to fulfill your highest potential and live in alignment with your highest intentions. It’s a forgotten tool that allows you to clear and strengthen the sacral chakra, which is where the manifestation process begins.

Have you gone through your own life just living on autopilot, waking up with the sun, hustling until exhaustion, thinking that is what will get you where you want to be? What if I told you this is not how you are going to reach your highest potential and deepest desires?

In my interview with Kelly Lynn Adams, Executive, Leadership, and Life Coach, we discuss how as adults we need to be putting in the work to get out and play!

For those of you who have been listening to my IGTV and my podcast, I have been talking a lot about sacral chakra healing, and sacral clearing, which coincides with shadow work and inner child work.

The sacral chakra is the area where we engage in pleasure and create our desires. This chakra opens up at a very young age. Usually around the age of 8 we start engaging in this emotional center. At this time, if we lived in a perfect world where we had parents that understood this and could teach us how to use our emotions as a navigational compass, we would already be fully engaged in the gifts of our sacral chakra.

It’s not only our families that contribute to this. It’s also our society, our teachers, media influence, our places of worship, and our social circles that have created this sacral blockage.

Kelly Lynn explained how she needed to teach herself how to play to live her best life.

“I was wearing all these masks," says Kelly. "I had the dream job in fashion. I've gone to fashion shows, and had clothing allowances that would blow your minds! Even with all of that, I was forcing myself into a box. I was worried about how I looked and my worthiness was wrapped in my productivity. My thought was, the more I worked or the harder I worked, the more love I felt.”

She went on to say, “I wasn't having fun. People would ask me, ‘are you having fun? Are you dating?’ I froze my eggs at one point; I put my whole romantic relationship on hold; I put a lot of having fun on hold to accomplish what I thought success looked like.”

One thing Kelly does every day to make sure she is having fun and channeling her inner child is setting what she calls the Joy Alarm on her phone four to five times a day to either dance or celebrate in some way.

Kelly says, “This is one practice that I have to get into my body, and it changes something in your mind.”

To learn more ways to incorporate play into your life, watch or listen to the full episode here. To learn more about Kelly Lynn Adams visit her at

Blessings and love to all!


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