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About Jenny


Jenny Israel is a Holistically focused Medical Intuitive and Spiritual and Health Coach, specializing in aligning her clients with their greatest Emotional health & awareness.

After starting her practice in 2009, she has become certified and experienced in numerous forms of Energy Medicine, Coaching and Body Balancing techniques.

All of her experience has created a deep love for the partnership between the world of Science and the world of Spirituality. Her practice now is based within the knowledge that we are not only a Body, but also a Soul, and how these two things are intimately connected through our Emotions.

By helping her clients and students understand themselves within this Divine Design, she has been able to help 100s heal the connection with themselves, their bodies and their relationship with God. This is what she believes births the TRUE and AUTHENTIC version of you that you were always meant to be!

Jenny accepts patients at her Stony Brook office and also partners with New Beginnings Wellness Center in Smithtown, and Meraki Integrative Health Programs. Sessions are available in-person, via Zoom or phone.

Jenny is a Certified and Accredited Life Coach and Certified Practitioner of The Emotion Code, The Body Code, The Belief Code, Soul Detective Method,  & EFT/TFT

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