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Jenny Israel CPC Certified Health and Spiritual Coach and Emotion Code Practitioner

You must Feel It to Heal It!

"The Best Way Out is Always Through."

-Robert Frost

Jenny Israel CPC, CECP
Intuitive Soul Coach, Teacher, 
Emotion Code Practitioner

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Emotional Intelligence is at the foundation of sustainable wellness! Studies have proven that developing a healthy relationship with our Emotions, and increasing our ability to connect with ourselves as Emotional beings, greatly influences our overall health and the level of fulfillment we experience in our lives.

Our Emotional Body is the horizon line of our existence. It literally sits in between our Physical Self and our Spiritual Self. It creates a navigational blueprint for our growth, fulfillment and wisdom. YOUR BODY IS YOUR GREATEST TEACHER!! It is a language that MUST be learned and used everyday.

It is a simple scientific fact that humans are unable to work with the forces of this world until they have been discovered! Once discovered, they can be studied and used to our advantage. We cannot unearth who we really are and create a path toward self-actualization, if there is no vehicle for the exploration to begin.

Let's create this space together!


Information regarding your physical, emotional and mental bodies that tells the story of your overall well-being 


Code Work

Learn more about these amazing modalities used to identify and release trauma blocks in your body, increase your health and happiness, mind body and spirit.

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The Emotion Code method is a gentle and effective way to find out and resolve what is going on body, mind and heart with our fuzzy, feathered, finned or scaled babies,


Spiritual Development

Coaching, Mentoring and Classes available to guide you deeper into your spiritual journey


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Therapy Sessions
Jenny Israel CPC, Certified Spiritual and Health Life Coach and Emotion Code Practitioner

Jenny Israel is a Holistically focused Medical Intuitive and Spiritual & Health Coach, specializing in aligning her clients with their greatest Emotional health & awareness.

After starting her practice in 2009, she has become certified and experienced in numerous forms of Energy Medicine, Coaching and Body Balancing techniques.

All of her experience has created a deep love for the partnership between the world of Science and the world of Spirituality. Her practice now is based within the knowledge that we are not only a Body, but also a Soul, and how these two things are intimately connected through our Emotions.

By helping her clients and students understand themselves within this Divine Design, she has been able to help 100s heal the connection with themselves, their bodies and their relationship with God. This is what she believes births the TRUE and AUTHENTIC version of you that you were always meant to be!

Jenny accepts patients at her Stony Brook office location, as well as offers phone and remote/distance sessions via Zoom.

Jenny is a Certified and Accredited Life Coach and Certified Practitioner of The Emotion Code, Soul Detective Method,  & EFT/TFT

How do I begin?

Starting a new relationship with any therapist or practitioner is a big step in the direction of your health and happiness. Selecting the right one can some times be challenging. We have tried to include as much helpful information here on the site to address curiosity and questions regarding this journey. Please take some time to tour the site and if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us!

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Spiritual Development








I began working with Jenny several months ago.  From the first time I did a session with her I could feel the difference in myself.  At first I didn’t believe in it but after my first session i was more relaxed than after any full body Swedish or deep tissue massage.  It was a different kind of relaxed.

After a few more sessions I could really notice changes in my body and in my mind.  I was becoming cleared.  Several times I even cried because of the flushing out of emotions.

But my most memorable and important session was one where she performed a different healing style with me. It was a combination of Energy Healing and Spiritual Coaching.  Through this session I held a crystal in my hand and it was almost like an out of body experience where it all became clear and I knew what I had to do to overcome one of my biggest emotional blockages and a burden I had been carrying for over 20 years. She really walked me through it, moving the energy through my body.  I was literally in tears for one hour but in the end it was the best day of my life because it was the turning point for me and has led me to put the past behind, drop the anger and resentment, have love and compassion, and see my future.  This has made me such a happier person and I am truly grateful to Jenny.  I now spend my days in a much happier state enjoying my family with no hidden distractions.  Life is more beautiful now.”

-Alex M.

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