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Aura clearing includes the balancing of all energy fields, removal of attachments, entities, emotional and karmic cords (cord cutting and removal), and anything else that is blocking the client's optimal health, well-being and highest good. This service is like a car wash for the energy bodies! This service is most often paired with a healing session and is completed remotely beforehand. This particular service is only offered on a remote basis. 


In this service, Jenny connects with the client on a soul level to review its current health, happiness and karmic position. The soul is repaired if needed (retrievals, fragments, disassociation, etc) before any other energy work in done. The client can also request an in depth Soul Reading where they can learn a bit more about their contracts, origins and purpose. This service can be combined with other healing modalities, but it is only offered on a remote basis. 


In a sense, a home is like a living thing. It is a energetic body created by it's architectural design, the land it sits upon and people/animals that reside within. Just like us, it has a vibration that is a result of a collection of experiences and environmental circumstances. We are aware of these vibrational imprints when we walk into a location through the "feel" of the place. We have all experience a house that embraces you in warmth and welcome. There are also those places that feel cold and vacant and leave us feeling uneasy. 

Like any other energetic body, home and buildings can develop blocks and be vulnerable to attachments. Structures and properties project their energy map in a very similar way to living bodies. Jenny can see their energy flow, feel their vibration and locate the source of the energy block. 

These blocks/attachments can manifest and be observed in many ways. Sometimes it is just an area of the space that no one likes to spend time in. It can also show up in the engineering of the home and cause a need for repairs. Other times it manifests in the people and animals that occupy the space and can prevent general happiness and abundance.These things can occur outside the home as well if there is something locked within the land that needs to be cleared.

During a clearing and healing, a property and any structures upon it are cleared of disruptive energies. This can include, but are not limited to, attachments, entities, ancestors, emotional imprints, portals, or historical trauma. It is a way of clearing the energy of a space of anything that could be blocking the full potential of the location. Very helpful if trying to sell your home, moving into a new space, or after bereavement or marriage separation. 

Located in Stony Brook, NY

In-person, Phone and Virtual Sessions Available

Please allow for up to 48 hours for a reply to your inquiries. 

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