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Seraphim Blueprint Courses


We are all feeling the pull to open ourselves to something bigger and expand our inner light. The path to Unity and Christ Consciousness is calling our attention to The Way- into the Heart and back to Source/God/Creator! 

The Seraphim Blueprint system offers this and much more. This unique system awakens your physical and ethereal bodies on a cellular and DNA level, activating gifts that have been lying dormant in your body since birth. It provides you with methods of balancing and connecting all levels of our Being, physical, emotional, mental and etheric. Most importantly, it opens the heart and connects you with your spiritual Source, and introduces the unending love and support of our Spirit family.

If you want to learn more please visit Seraphim Blueprint or you can purchase the book!

Current Available courses are listed below

Seraphim Healing- Level One


2 day course, 9am-1pm EST each day

This level heals us physically and emotionally, laying the foundation for spiritual growth. The first two powers are for healing one-self and others. Through these two channels, we enhance our uptake of Life Force energy and strengthen our ability to Harmonize it within all levels of our Being.

Being initiated into these energies allows for a sense of greater internal union and a stronger immune system.

$260pp, Zoom Conference

Register Below by 9/7

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