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Discovering and Developing Your Intuitive Nature

Level One Series with Jenny Israel CPC, CECP


July 22nd, 9am-4pm

The Grounded Soul LI in Sayville, NY

$333 pp

**Pre-req to any Level 2 or Advanced Workshops

Join Jenny Israel CPC, in this highly anticipated Intuitive Development Workshop experience! 


This isn’t your average Intuition 101 class. This is a unique program, with a curriculum developed using Jenny’s 13 years of experience in Energy Healing, study of the Energetic Anatomy of the Body, expertise of the Body-Mind connection and 10 years of channeling experience. 

It is a bridge between spirituality and science. It is a safe and accessible place to discover SELF as it was meant to be expressed. You will do just as much “un-learning” as you will learning in this course!

As you dive deeply into your own Design and reveal what has always been a part of you, you will open and heal the blocks in the Body, Mind and Heart that have been holding you back. This foundational class will include stimulating lecture, independent and group healing exercises, and lots of fun practice! Whether you are new to the spiritual path or a seasoned professional, this class will challenge and inspire your relationship with 

yourself and with Spirit.

Come with an open mind, an open heart, and be ready to do the work!!

In this class you will discover your inherent nature as an intuitive, understand the deeper anatomy of your gifts and your energetic design, and get to develop those gifts and practice the “tools of the trade”.

Some of the topics we will explore are:

  • Energy 101 Review- How you are connected to everything in the Universe!

  • Myth Busting- We will review the most common misconceptions around Intuition and how they are holding you back

  • Emotional Energy and its part in our Intuition- the study of how Emotions are at the core of our gifts and how they are the key to unlocking your flow.

  • Explore your Emotional Blocks and Limiting Beliefs- deep dive into your core to discover the unconscious blocks that slow down your connection to Spirit

  • Energetic Design of our Anatomy- How God’s design of our Body aligns with our Intuitive Nature and how to connect with each chakra’s function within your Channel.

  • The Five Senses- Navigating our Earthly senses and how they connect into our Extra Senses.

  • Basics of Channeling- Learning “connection” techniques and how to create sacred space, clear, ground and protect.

  • Exploring the “Tools of the Trade”- We will practice our connection through Tarot/Oracle cards, Sensory Stimulation, Dowsing (pendulums and muscle testing),

  • Scrying, Psychometry (receiving through the hands), Automatic writing, Crystals, and more!

ONLY 15 spots available for this class!

Class must be paid in full. Registration is first-come, first serve and all sales are final. No refunds will be issued for cancellations. Class fee can be transferred/gifted to another person if you cannot attend.

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Student Testimonials

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