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Why I Decided to Change My Energy Healing Sessions and What You Can Expect

These recent months have brought lots of changes to our lives! Globally, locally and personally, we have all experienced some level of restructuring that has shifted our way of being.

For a lot of you, we have experienced these changes together. I am incredibly humbled to have been one of the people you have chosen to walk this path of growth with. I am grateful each and every day for the opportunities that Spirit provides to support us on our journey to healing.

Some of these changes have meant endings. Jobs, relationships, losing our health or a loved one's health, or even grieving the loss of those who have crossed over. In every way, we have been challenged to change the way we see life, take care of ourselves and each other and find new avenues of joy.

Our very identity has faced a process of death through this!

I, like each of you, have also been challenged to make changes in my life. Some easy and straight-forward......others, not so much. This is my reason for reaching out today. Spirit has led me to a new chapter in my life that has inspired some big changes. One of those changes is appearing in my practice.

From the beginning of my story, I have always been a healer! So much of my identity as an Energy Healer was developed through my Reiki practice and then in my Seraphim Blueprint healing practice. It has always been my "go-to," my foundation. This practice has shifted and opened for other modalities to come in through the years, like the Emotion Code and Body Code, Sound healing, Crystal Healing, etc. As the energy has clarified and strengthened on our Planet over the years, so has the impact of the work that I was doing inside of my client sessions. As my Clairsentience increased, so did my ability to transmute the energy of others. Within this gift, I have had to make some tough, and quite sudden decisions about how to continue my practice.

I have come to accept and understand that I am an Empathic healer that transmutes at my core. My ability has reached a level that transcends Divine Protection or Energetic Detachment from others. Inside of this, I have experienced an ongoing decline in my health. This past week it became clear that I will be unable to continue to work the way I have been.

I am not closing my doors! Just opening a new one with a new way of doing things. My core intent is to provide my clients with a safe space to receive guidance from Spirit about their wellness journey and provide modalities that help support the emergence of, and provide increased consciousness around, those hidden issues that keep us stuck. The intention will live on, and I'm sure it will bring new expressions of doing the work!

So what can you expect inside of your sessions going forward?

I will continue to provide Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Guidance in each and every session. You will choose a session that provides only this, or you can choose a session that also combines the Trauma Release modalities that I offer. I will continue to shift energy blocks using these systems like I always have. The Emotion Code and The Body Code are incredibly powerful in their own right! Those combined with the Spirit guidance, and the introduction of the new Soul Detective method and EFT and Energy Balancing exercises, and the Healy device, the sessions still have the tools to create powerful shifts that support your healing.

The biggest change will be that I will no longer be offering table work with Hands-On healing.

I do have plenty of incredibly gifted healers in my network that I would be happy to refer you to if you want to continue your healing work with Reiki or Angelic healing, so please don't hesitate to ask!! I know that healing is a personal journey, so you each have the right to choose how you continue. In-person appointments will still be offered, and clients will still have the opportunity to utilize the Amethyst Biomat and crystal therapies during their sessions if they choose. We can integrate this into your time seamlessly! I can also transmit the Angelic energies through a safe distance channel as an alternative to the hands-on work.

The bottom line is that I am still, and will always be, committed to offering an impactful and healing experience! This was not an easy decision to make, and I thank each of you for considering this change. I can understand that there will be various responses to this change, and I am open to answering any questions or listening to any concerns.

Again, thank you for trusting me and allowing me to be part of your growth.

Love and Light xo

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