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The Practice of Self-Love with Christina Amadore

Learning How to Love Yourself to Manifest Abundance

Valentine's Day often comes with pressure and expectation for what love should look like. That's why this week, I had a candid conversation with my girl, Christina Amador. Christina is the founder of Awaken Your Goddess. She is a certified teacher and practitioner of Reiki, as well as a yoga and meditation teacher. She's also a badass when it comes to teaching women how to practice love.

Whether or not you are in a romantic relationship, we are conditioned to look outside of ourselves for all of the significant things in life, especially love. In order to experience true freedom and happiness, we need to become our own steady source of love, also known as self-love.

What is self-love and why is it important?

Self-love is all about providing yourself with all the unconditional support and love you need to be confident and free of co-dependency. It is something we all need to learn to become manifesting beings.

From this point forward, try putting your energy into the relationship you have with yourself without giving in to the need to rely on any person to determine your worth. Provide yourself with all of the things that you wish to receive or experience. It's crazy how when we start valuing ourselves fully; the right people start showing up in our lives, naturally.

We already know that February is a month that we are focusing within and that energies around relationships are bound to come up. Many of us are also moving through a lot of our old energies because it's Mercury Retrograde. These were all things that we were anticipating. However, I don't think that we were genuinely expecting the profound impact that it was going to have and trying to find this balance between where we are and where we are going.

Christina's understanding and teachings of self-love help us dive further. She helps women tap into their full power while teaching them how to understand their sexual powers.

"I recently decided to create my own tribe of empowered women, and I chose to manifest the right girls to come together, I didn't even look for them and all of these beautiful souls started coming towards me. So much love, support and growth was created." Christina continues, "Many of the girls in the tribe have since manifested new businesses, new boyfriends, or lost weight."

Christina is all about female empowerment and she teaches the women in her group how to implement small changes in their daily lives to create significant results.

Simple things you can do for self-love

Breathwork and meditation:

Take just five minutes a day to work on your inner peace. "Whether you start or end your day with a meditation, you are doing something that is going to perk up your energy field," says Christina.

Practicing gratitude:

If you begin to practice gratitude, you will start to see the benefits immediately. By being thankful, you are putting yourself into a positive emotional state that is healthy for your mind, body, and spirit and helps you manifest everything and anything you want into your life. Try using a journal to practice gratitude each day.

Give yourself verbal support:

Christina suggests, "I love to place my hands on my heart and feel my heartbeat. I'll start to speak to myself and I'll say I love you, I am not abandoning you, I support you. Let's make these dreams come true. Doing this has gotten me a lot further than any negative ego talk."

Dress up for yourself: Put a little lipstick or gloss on, even if you're not going anywhere. It's important to create these moments where you feel good externally and for yourself, not for anyone else. Do anything that makes you feel beautiful and luxurious. Allowing yourself to enjoy who you are will bring you into a manifesting energy that allows you to create in abundance.

You can listen to or watch my full conversation with Christina Amadore here. To learn more about Christina, follow her on Instagram at or visit her website:

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