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The Energy of March 2021: It's Time to Fly!

When I pulled the cards for the energy of the incoming month of March, they were all SO succinct; it was like Spirit screaming at me! This is the month where we will push our way out of the cocoon and test our wings for the first time. It is time to fly....time to travel on! With all of the intelligence and insight we have gained from our push through the Shadow, it is time to Level Up! I couldn't help but hear the REO Speedwagon song "A Time for Me to Fly" in my head as I wrote down the cards' messages. It is truly a time to leave the old things behind and forge a new path. Travel unknown roads. Take a new leap of faith. The possibilities in this time of rebirth are endless, but we must find the courage to set forth on a new chapter of our journey that could very well be uncharted. In fact, your Angels are saying that if you are at a crossroads and are having trouble choosing which way to go, choose the new road!!

The challenges that we have faced over the last few weeks have exposed the clutter in our lives and the roadblocks that would keep us from these new adventures waiting for us. Perhaps you haven't cleared these things yet, and that's ok because Spring Cleaning is here! Our higher Truth is making itself known inside of the growing pains we have been experiencing. Resistance to these things only burns more energy! Energy that very few of us have extra reserves of at this point if we are being real. It's time to set ourselves free from the fight. Open our wings, no matter how wobbly they may seem, and launch! The wild, blue yonder is awaiting us! It's a blank canvas that we get to design with our deepest desires and wildest imaginations. In this season of Resurrection, how will you be reborn?

Photo: Tree of Life- Travel On from the ArchAngel Metatron Oracle by Amanda Ellis

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