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Spirit Says.... What's Next? Stop Asking What's Next!

We are in a ceremonial Rite of Passage right now. We are journeying through a gateway or portal to the birthing of the higher dimensional self. This has left many of us unable to articulate exactly where we are, how we are feeling or what we are supposed to do or go next. The answer is simple.....just be where you are in the right NOW. Chasing anything other than that is futile. We are in what feels like a Life Review right now. All timelines merging, inter-dimensional energies happening all at once, leaves us with a sense of being untethered from linear time the way we are used to. It is disorienting, to say the least! We are experiencing our past, present, and future simultaneously right now. Moving through the birth canal from the old reality into the new is not for the faint of heart, and our awakened consciousness is our greatest asset in this transition.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this layer of healing is our ability to observe ourselves going through it. I described the experience to a friend like I had been transported to a movie theatre and I was watching myself on the big screen. It's like watching your favorite character in a movie fighting through an action-packed moment, knowing you've been waiting for this moment through the whole film! Finally, they are about to have the "hero" moment, overcome the obstacle in the plotline, and you are standing in your seat cheering them on, crying tears of joy and pain all at the same time as they arise victorious!! This moment is profound for each of us......but also downright exhausting LOL.

The reason we are "stuck" in this right now is because we have to be. It's by design. We are in the growing season, the time in between planting the seeds and harvesting our crop. It's about as exciting as watching grass grow but one of the most critical steps of supporting the full potential of the crop we will eventually yield. So what should we be doing during this waiting period? Weed your garden! Anyone who has ever tended a garden knows this is an ongoing process and must be tended to almost daily. If not, some of the aggressive ones will literally grow overnight, and if left unattended, they will take out your plants!

Being present with the intentions you've seeded your Being with is where your focus is needed. Making sure those old trauma programs, ego scripts, and negative thought forms don't sneak in and sabotage your harvest. You can't bring in the crop before it's ready just because you are impatient. You can't abandon it for "the next best thing" because then you have to start the cycle over again. So, that means it's time to get dirty and get after those weeds. Even though this time can be uncomfortable, it can be a time when we receive the biggest gifts. In the stillness, we can see and hear things that we would otherwise miss in our rush to get to the next thing.

In my channeling for the month of July, there is an amazing card spread! Spirit shows up over and over with mind-blowing synchronicities. Here I will share the first two:

1) Dragon's Strength- Fire- #19- This card is one of the most powerful in the ArchAngel Metatron Oracle Deck. It signals new beginnings coming out of the summoning of our own courage and strength to persevere, even in times of adversity. The Fire Dragon is a powerful companion and protector and has our back to help transmute any darkness that might rise up in our path. We have the tetrahedron (pyramid) to help stimulate our Solar Plexus to help drive us forward and keep us motivated, so we don't quit right before we have our breakthrough!

2) Medicine Wheel- #20- From The Sacred Geometry Oracle- During this time we look to the Earth to be our support, our medicine. Reconnecting with the Truth that we are all One and moving toward Unity together. Separation is an illusion, and we are all in this together. When you feel alone, remember that we are moving through this ceremonial Rite of Passage together, and God and Spirit have our backs. Hang in there guys! Leo season is coming, and we are being encouraged to use our Joy as a compass. It's time to start building Heaven on Earth!

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