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Spirit Says: October is All About Balance!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

This month's cards were so divinely selected it literally blew my mind! It's October, and for the majority of the month, also Libra season. For those that are somewhat familiar with the Zodiac, we know that Libra is represented by the scales. Libras are all about relationships and the balance of giving and receiving, fairness and making sure everyone wins. Sounds wonderful, right? Well, it is, as long as YOU are in balance. Trying to make sure everyone wins can turn into a messy situation when we look at factors like:

1) Are you serving everyone but yourself?

2) Are you playing the peacekeeper and denying your own truth?

3) Are you attached to the outcome of what you are trying to do and to the expectation of how another person or thing should be showing up for you based on what you are doing?

Last month we discussed our harvest coming in. The current retrograde period, which we recently added Mercury to, has us solidly in a position of introspection and taking inventory of our lives. We are being shown where our energy is not being reciprocated and what isn't working in all areas of life. This can be painful at times because these shifts can bring big changes. However, taking time to review these challenges is the only way we can become conscious of the direction we need to go next.

There are two quotes that have been coming up over and over.

"Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional"

"A Ship is safe in the harbor, but that is not what ships are for."

I discuss both of these in my channeling for this month and how they are offering profound knowledge for how to find the much-needed balance in our lives. We are once again being asked to face the fears and resistance that are coming up, release attachments to the ideas and outcomes that take our power away, and be still with ourselves. In this stillness, we will be uncomfortable, but in this stillness, we will also find God.

Big themes of trust and forgiveness are surfacing right now. Ultimately, these issues boil down to your connection with your Higher Power. I hear so many people say, "I know God has got me, BUT...." Um.....hello? If there is a BUT included in that statement, then you don't believe the words you are saying.

News are Human, designed to be fallible. You deserve forgiveness, and when you believe that, truly believe that, you will open a channel to receive ALL of God's blessings. There are only two constants in life: Change and God's love for you.

We are in a new phase of understanding ourselves as "Souls having a Human Experience". We are being asked to find balance in this fact and give ourselves grace.....AND give the same to others. October is the 10th month of the year, which in numerology reduces back to One, which is the beginning of a new cycle. It's also time to stop attaching to your old story and start becoming a more conscious author of the new story that begins right now!

For more guidance and a deeper understanding of what October is bringing, listen to the full channeling here.

Fall Blessings to All!

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