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Spirit Says: May is About Leading with The Heart

Is your life Heart-Led and Heart-Centered? That's what Spirit wants you to meditate on this month. Big shifts are coming. Earthquake type shifts! May is going to be chock full of opportunities to change direction, and your SAFETY inside of these changes has everything to do with where your perspective is anchored. "All You Need is Love"......almost cliche, isn't it? Well, this is the biggest message we can receive right now. Spirit has literally been screaming this at me for the last couple of weeks. This song has been playing in my head on a continuous loop, almost to the point of exhaustion lol. That tells me that Metatron means business with this one.

The ongoing theme has specifically been the contrast of Fear and Love. After all, Fear is simply an Absence of Love! We are being guided to dig deep into our thoughts and patterns of behavior to see where we are still acting in Fear. Each challenge or limitation we are facing right now is strategic in its purpose. They are invitations to move toward our Fear with a new perspective. We can not heal our lives if we still haven't faced the nature of what we are afraid of. Spirit is breaking it down for us and simplifying it....your Fear is simply telling you where you need to Love yourself more!! This month's card came from The Archetype Oracle by Caroline Myss. It is The Rescuer. The energy of this card is interesting. It is asking you how you are playing this role in your life? Or alternately, are you waiting for your Rescuer?

The first part of the year has really pressed us to face our Co-dependence and to begin to release our Savior complex energy. Within the Savior complex we are met with destructive victimhood and martyrdom. Again and again we have been given the message to "Live and let Live," meaning our focus needs to go inward and let others live their lives. Each Soul is a miracle at work, regardless of our critical view of the world. If we genuinely wish to be of service, we need to stay in our lane, do our own healing work and add our light to the collective by living through example. This means acting in Love, not because you expect to receive in return, but because you know it is for your highest good and the highest good of all things. Otherwise, you are keeping score, which is an Ego-based action. We also cannot be of service to the greater good if we are busying ourselves with jumping into other people's boats. This is also an Ego-based and co-dependent pattern of behavior.

The higher vibrational healing path is ALWAYS Love, and now more than ever, it needs to be our focus. It will be the thing that keeps you rooted when the storms of life hit. Love says "All is Well" and vibrates in faith and trust. We must breed gratitude, even when our current situation isn't exactly the way we want it to be. We must project Love into our own hearts because, in turn, it will be mirrored back to us by the world around us.

This month we will be celebrating Ascension Day. So, if we are shifting into a new dimensional energy, then we have an opportunity to truly be reborn! What seeds will you plant, and which energy will you choose to manifest from? For the full May Energy Forecast, head over to Soul Speak on YouTube or your favorite Podcast platform! It is a powerful message this month, so don't miss it!!

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