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From Barriers to Breakthroughs: The Path to Well-Being is on the other side of your Heartwall!

In the quest for emotional liberation and holistic wellness, Dr. Bradley Nelson's groundbreaking work through Discover Healing sheds light on the profound concept of the “Heartwall”, offering a transformative approach to inner healing and emotional freedom. Let's embark on a journey guided by Dr. Nelson's wisdom, unraveling the mysteries of Heartwalls and their profound impact on our well-being.

Dr. Bradley Nelson and Discover Healing

Dr. Bradley Nelson, the visionary mind behind Discover Healing, has dedicated his life to exploring the intricate connections between emotions, energy, and health. Through years of research and clinical practice, Dr. Nelson developed The Emotion Code, a revolutionary modality that empowers individuals to release trapped emotions and achieve profound healing at a holistic level.

What is a Heartwall?

"In my experience, a Heartwall is an energetic barrier that the subconscious mind constructs using trapped emotions, as a means of protecting the heart from emotional pain." - Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Nelson's insights illuminate the concept of the Heartwall as a protective mechanism crafted by the subconscious to shield oneself from emotional wounds and traumas. Composed of trapped emotions and negative energies, these barriers encase the heart, hindering the free flow of love and emotional expression.

Understanding the Physical Effects

"Emotional baggage can contribute to a wide range of physical ailments, and releasing trapped emotions can often lead to remarkable improvements in health and well-being." - Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Nelson emphasizes the profound impact of emotional baggage on physical health, highlighting how the presence of a Heartwall can contribute to chronic pain, tension, and even cardiovascular issues. By addressing the underlying emotional root causes, individuals can experience significant improvements in their physical health and vitality.

Many of the clients that I have worked with over the years have expressed relief with neck and shoulder pain and stiffness, lifting of heaviness within their upper body, the ability to take deeper breaths and resolution of heart palpitations. These are just the physical benefits!

Client Testimonial: "During one of my sessions with Jenny, she discovered I had a Heartwall. I had multiple inherited trapped emotions, several generations back on both sides of my family, as well as some misalignments and imbalances in my body. After Jenny removed all the trapped emotions and imbalances in my body, the Heartwall was removed. My heart felt lighter and there was less tension around my heart. My blood pressure had been high for a while but after this session, it improved and I no longer have palpitations. Jenny is an amazing practitioner and coach! I have learned so much in such a short amount of time! Sessions with her is a huge part of my spiritual journey." - Cindy

Exploring the Emotional and Mental Effects

"Living behind a Heartwall can lead to feelings of numbness, detachment, and a lack of connection with others. It's like living in a bubble, unable to fully experience the richness of life." - Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Nelson's observations also shed light on the emotional and mental barriers imposed by Heartwalls, resulting in a diminished capacity for authentic connection, creativity, and personal fulfillment. These barriers can hinder personal growth and impede one's ability to fully engage with life's experiences.

Beyond the body and mind, the Heartwall can also significantly impact various aspects of life, from relationships and career fulfillment to overall happiness and well-being. Dr. Nelson underscores the pervasive influence of Heartwalls on every facet of life, emphasizing how these barriers can obstruct the flow of love, joy, and abundance. Living behind a Heartwall can perpetuate a cycle of isolation and dissatisfaction, preventing individuals from realizing their full potential and experiencing true emotional freedom.

Client Testimonial- "After learning about the Emotion Code and the concept of the Heartwall, I contacted Jenny Israel to have it removed. I knew that it had something to do with my deep set anxiety and my inability to move on from childhood trauma. It took two sessions to complete the removal and I have noticed a significant shift! I am sleeping better, I feel calmer and most importantly, I am feeling hopeful and excited about my future for the first time in a very long time." - S. J.

Embracing Healing and Transformation with Jenny Israel CPC

"The journey of releasing a Heartwall is a profound act of self-liberation, allowing individuals to reclaim their innate capacity for love, joy, and emotional resilience." - Dr. Bradley Nelson

As a Certified Level 3 Code Practitioner, we can work together, not only to confront and release trapped emotions creating your Heartwall, but also clear old belief systems and correct imbalances within the body that are contributing to the overall impact on your well-being. The ability to combine the modalities and customize your path, will pave the way for profound healing and personal empowerment. This is a process that anyone can choose, no matter their age, circumstance or current level of self-improvement!

This work is primarily addressed within my session called Chakra Health Scan and Heartwall Removal. Through my knowledge of the chakra energy system, I address the process of clearing trapped emotions in a way that the client can actually see how they are affecting their body in real time. We also explore the impact that specific trauma has had on your Heartwall, and identify and repair any misalignments that have occurred as a consequence.

This 90 minute session is very effective and comprehensive. The barriers of the Heartwall will come down and the experience leaves the client with a clear understanding of what unresolved trauma is affecting them, how their body is storing it and how it may be contributing to overall health, happiness and well-being.

This session is appropriate for anyone! It can be a great way to begin your healing process and get a baseline of where your issues lay and how to prioritize your focus for the continued journey. It can also serve someone who has been on the path of self-actualization and is still running into stubborn roadblocks within their progress. 

Conclusion: A Pathway to Emotional Freedom

In conclusion, no matter where you are on your journey, breaking through the barriers of the Heartwall offer a beacon of hope for those seeking emotional liberation and holistic wellness. By understanding the significance of these trapped emotions and embracing the journey of healing and transformation, individuals can unlock the fortress around their hearts and embrace a life of profound love, joy, and abundance. It's time to heed Dr. Nelson's wisdom and embark on a journey towards emotional freedom and self-discovery…..and now you know how!

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