Medical Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Coaching

A Medical Intuitive Scan is when Jenny is able to psychically access information about your energy bodies, in order to locate energy pools, blocks and vulnerabilities within the physical body. The source of these vulnerabilities can be mental, emotional or physical or even ancestral. This process allows the patient to connect on a more conscious level with the source of the blocks that are preventing them from living their fullest lives and at an optimal level of health. No actual healing is done during a Medical Intuitive Reading, however the information received during this channeling can be used as a helpful guide to creating an Energy Medicine treatment plan. Clients can connect with blocks that may be keeping them "stuck" and begin the process of clearing out old trauma and energy in order to gain clarity around their soul purpose. Medical Intuitive Readings are a One Hour session that can be done in-person or over the phone. For clients that are in other countries or time zones, Jenny offers a channeled reading that is recorded and sent to the recipient.   

See the Energy Healing section to learn more about how to remove these blocks from the body.