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The time for transformation is now, and at a fraction of the cost of other coaching programs, the only thing left to do is say YES!


"To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom"- Socrates

Emotional Intelligence is at the foundation of sustainable wellness! Studies have proven that developing a healthy relationship with our Emotions, and increasing our ability to connect with ourselves as Emotional beings, greatly influences our overall health and the level of fulfillment we experience in our lives.

Our Emotional Body is the horizon line of our existence. It literally sits in between our Physical Self and our Spiritual Self. It creates a navigational blueprint for our growth, wellness and wisdom. YOUR BODY IS YOUR GREATEST TEACHER!! It is a language that MUST be learned and used everyday.

It is a simple scientific fact that humans are unable to work with the forces of this world until they have been discovered! Once discovered, they can be studied and used to our advantage. We cannot unearth who we really are and create a path toward self-actualization, if there is no vehicle for the

discovery and exploration to begin.

Let's create this space together!

In this monthly meet up we will begin the journey of acquiring this priceless wisdom and cultivate the consciousness of Self that is required to live the fullest life possible!

We will cover:

1) E-motion- Energy in Motion! Your connection to everything!

2) The biology and physiology of Feelings and Emotions.

3) Explore new language to identify your emotions.

4) Learn how to create connections between your thoughts and emotions.

5) Locate where our bodies house Emotional blocks leading to physical dis-ease.

6) Create an ongoing Practice using a variety of tools to become more connected with Self, develop a deeper understanding of Self, and grow your consciousness around how to observe, cope, shift and heal your triggers.


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