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What is Energy Therapy?


What is Soul Coaching?

Can Jenny help me with my particular issue?

The short answer is YES! The style of Jenny's approach is extremely customizable and can cater to any issue, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. The best way to start would be to schedule a one hour reading so she can assess what is going on and suggest a treatment plan that would offer long term shifts.


Does Jenny work with kids or animals?

Yes to both! Jenny has worked with children as young as 6 weeks of age. The methods she uses are very gentle and sessions can be customized to accommodate a child of any age and with any range of needs. For very young children and children with a variety of special needs, Jenny recommends that the treatments be remote. This way the child can remain in a familiar environment, like home, where they are relaxed and secure. Children are welcome to come for in-person visits as well and the sessions will be designed to make the child comfortable and address any concerns the guardian may have. 

Jenny has also worked with a variety of animals: domestic, farm and wildlife. Remote sessions are very effective for treating animals of all kinds and in any location! Jenny often works with animals in a variety of refuge and rescue centers on the West Coast of the U.S. To learn more or to book a session click here.

Are long-distance or remote sessions as effective as seeing Jenny in person?

They absolutely are! The connection that Jenny establishes with her clients is energetic so it can be experienced across time and space. It is the same as scheduling a psychic reading with someone over the phone. The information flows through a connection with Spirit (a collaboration of energies and information originating from light beings including loved ones, angels, ascended masters) and is just as strong as if you were with the person physically. Her attunements through Reiki and Seraphim Blueprint allow her to create a healing channel with someone no matter their location. Jenny works with clients all over the world, even as far as Australia! See the Testimonials section for experiences that others have had working with Jenny remotely. 

What is the Emotion Code Technique, i.e. Emotional Trauma Release?

This type of session can be done on its own or be combined with an Energy Healing session. It is an innovative technique that allows Jenny to locate emotional trauma blocks within the energy bodies and clear them permanently. It is a method that combines muscle testing, her intuitive gifts and central nervous system clearing. It is precise and very effective.

Are my sessions confidential?

100%. Jenny takes her client/practitioner confidentiality VERY seriously. No information will ever be released to another party without the written consent of the client. 

Do I need to be a certain religion to work with Jenny?

No, absolutely not. The work that Jenny does is non-secular and can accommodate people at any level of spirituality or belief system.


How many treatments do I need to come for in order to have long-term results?

Jenny recommends to all of her clients that are interested in coming for healing to commit to at least 3 sessions. Coaching & Energy therapy are like any other form of personal care. You must establish an ongoing routine that supports a shift in health. Just like you cannot expect to visit a gym one time and have instant strength and fitness occur, you cannot expect to have a miraculous shift of your energetic body from one session of therapy. After years of providing treatment to a variety of people with a variety of issues, three sessions has become the baseline for true and long-term change. It is recommended that you try to keep these first three as close together as possible (once a week is ideal).  After those initial visits most clients choose to come back for maintenance session every 4 to 6 weeks, just to keep themselves tuned up and tuned in. 


After my session with Jenny, will I feel any different?

Most clients report feeling a shift after their first session, physically, mentally and emotionally. The most common experience is of a sense of calm. They notice that they are more at peace, their mind is clearer and they are less likely to react to a situation that would normally trigger them. Stress and anxiety are reduced. Physically, most experience what can be described as a "detox". As the body is integrating the healing and shifting into a higher frequency, it will often go through a purge of excess fluid and waste. You may notice the body going through a type of cleanse for a day or two. It is usually gentle and does not disrupt life, but it is always recommended that you drink lots of water post-treatment and give the body about 72 hours to adjust. Sleep patterns can also shift. Most report a deeper and more restful sleep. Although it is possible to have a surge of energy from a treatment that can disrupt sleep for a night or so. It just depends on the individual and how they personally are adjusting to their new frequency. Some clients have also reported decreased pain or discomfort in relation to chronic issues. 


Will my current treatment plans with other medical professionals or my current medications interfere with receiving treatment from Jenny?

On the contrary, the treatment that Jenny offers is very complementary to other forms of medical and holistic treatment. This is why her work is so effective when combined with other practitioner's work, especially those with similar approaches to holistic care. Jenny often collaborates with other professionals to support the highest form of healing for patients. 

Disclaimer- Energy therapy should never be considered a replacement for traditional medical care.


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