Energy Therapy Sessions


Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine?

By definition, Energy Medicine is any method of healing that manipulates the subtle energy systems of the body (or rather bodies) with the goal of ensuring the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of a person. The human body is a complete energy system in tune with the Universe. Any imbalance in the body would create obstruction in the flow of energy, which results in a physical vulnerability. This can later lead to injury or illness. Basically, energetic healing is trying to ensure that the energy flow within the body moves unobstructed.


Most practitioners of energy medicine have gone through a certification or attunement that enables them to move this universal life force energy through a secure channel and flow it into another person’s energy fields. There are other certifications that deal more with the energetic flow through the Central Nervous System and our Meridians. The end goal is always the same: To return the body to its optimal movement and use of our Chi, or Life Force energy. At its optimal function, the human body is designed to heal itself!


The healing of energy fields can also be achieved using other kinds of tools, such as tuning forks, gongs, crystals and crystal bowls, color therapy, aromatherapy and much more


There are many methods out there but a few examples of energy healing are Reiki, Theta, Angelic healing, Seraphim Blueprint, Sound Healing, EFT, Emotion Code, Soul Detective®, etc.

****UPDATE: AS of March 1st 2021, Energy Healing sessions no longer include Reiki or Angelic Healing work. Healing sessions combine Spiritual and Medical Intuitive Reading, Emotion Code and Body Code work, TFT/EFT tapping and Transformational Life Coaching techniques. In-person sessions also utilize Aromatherapy, Color Therapy, Healy Frequency Balancing and Crystals.