Spiritual Development Classes and Coaching

Coaching and Mentoring-

Coaching and Mentoring sessions can be booked in 30 minute increments. It is one-on-one time with Jenny to ask for guidance on how to develop your gifts, start your own healing practice, Empath Coaching or any other advice you may be looking for. These are phone sessions only. 

Seraphim Blueprint Classes-

Levels 1-6 Classes Available for In-person and Teleconference Attendance

For a listing of current classes, visit Jenny's Facebook Event Page.

To learn more about Seraphim Blueprint, visit www.SeraphimBlueprint.com

Current Classes Scheduled:

Level One- July 11th & 12th, 9am-1:30pm each day-$225

Level Two- June 6th and August 15th, 9:00-4:00pm- $185

Level Three- July 18th, 9:00-4pm- $185

Level Four- TBA

Level Five- TBA

Level Six- June 13&14, 9am-2pm each day- $225

All Classes will be held via virtual platform until further notice. Changes will be specified on a per event basis. Please check Facebook listings for further information.
All classes must be taken in numerical order. Please check the Facebook page for posted events and any class changes and updates. Registration is required to be completed before the actual event date, no walk-ins. To register and pay for your class click the link below.

Welcome to the Academy! A place for all those who are searching for expansion, personal and spiritual development and healing.

There is life before the Jenny's......and life after the Jenny's!!
With their combined experience of over 20 years, Jenny Israel and Jennifer Snell bring you a collaborative journey into the realm of Spirit. They join their gifts to offer you insight into other dimensions, realms, spiritual development, energetic healing and just about any topic that is "other worldly". Enjoy a variety of classes and videos that will guide you deeper into your spiritual expansion and soul journey.


All classes are provided in a virtual classroom which means you can take your class anywhere, any time and at your leisure. With purchase, your class is available to you for 90 days to take as many times as you wish! Each class comes with a downloadable handout for you to follow along. Come on over and join our community so you can receive email updates of new classes.

Join us at The Academy for Higher Wisdom and Ancient Knowledge and on YouTube at Soul Speak with the Two Jennys.

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The Empath Survival Kit – LEVEL ONE CLASS


Are you “sensitive”? Would you describe yourself as a person that feels and cares so deeply that it leads to emotional overwhelm? Have you experienced a heightened sense of anxiety in public places or even social events? Are you a person that others are naturally drawn to for help or advice? Do you have psychic gifts or would you consider yourself intuitive, just know things that you aren’t sure how you know them? Do you find yourself taking on other people’s “stuff” as your own, feeling responsible for their healing or want to “fix” their problems? If you answered Yes to any one or more of these, then you probably also experience the constant drain of your energy. It’s a soul deep fatigue that goes beyond just being physically tired. You give until you are tapped out and then become extra vulnerable to stress, anxiety, illness, and emotional instability. Most likely you are an Empath.


This class is a call to ALL Empaths! No matter your age, experience or knowledge, EVERY Empath needs this information to manifest your best self into this rapidly evolving world.

This class will provide you with education, tools, guidance and attunements that will help you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Just like we upgrade our computers with the latest software, our bodies need to stay online and up to date as well! -Learn what it means to be an Empath in today’s world

-Learn to ground and clear your energy to help improve overall health, mental clarity and well-being

-Discover your gifts and how to begin to develop them

-Learn tools for your daily life to protect your energy

-Shift into a more Heart lead life

-Receive attunements that will restructure and recalibrate your sensitive and Empathic bodies and that you can activate on a daily basis to ground, clear and protect you

All this and much more…..



Mission: To provide Empathic individuals with the basic tools, teachings and attunements that they need to live their best life.

  • What is an Empath? 

  • Frequency, Vibration and Sacred Geometry

  • Learning about the 5 Clairs

  • Grounding, Clearing and Protecting yourself

  • The Anatomy of the Empath’s Physical, Emotional and Mental Body’s

  • Manifestation and the Relationship of the Heart and the Head (Mind)

new class!

Supported by the Power and Love of the Shekinah (Divine Feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit), we will travel into the realm of the Divine Mother and experience The Temples of Twelve, as the Goddesses come forward to bestow Gifts of Mastery and Remembering. Visit with Isis, Kwan Yin and Boadicea, just to name a few, as they offer each of us the opportunity to anchor deeper into the Grid of Light on Earth and through this connection activate the latent gifts inside of you waiting to awaken.

You will receive attunements that will ascend through the body’s energy system, activating one chakra level at a time. We will explore the elemental spectrum as associated with each Goddess, highlighting the color, animal totem, crystal and Essential Oil paired with her spirit.

On the other side of this amazing experience, you will emerge a being of Divine Feminine brilliance, fully integrated in your power and purpose. By the completion of the third class, you will have received an installation from the Goddesses that will activate a Crown of Light within the Crown Chakra. This is your reward representing the perseverance of holding space for the Divine Feminine’s resurgence on our Planet. This Crown will be the activation technology that will make you a Pillar of Light, co-creating with Mother Earth and linking each of you together. Join us in this amazing journey!

Located in Stony Brook, NY

In-person, Phone and Virtual Sessions Available

Please allow for up to 48 hours for a reply to your inquiries. 

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Mon - Fri: 10:00am- 4:30pm

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