Animal Testimonials

"My husband and I believe in holistic medicine for ourselves, so it one made sense to follow that same path for our pets. After getting our second pup in 2016, we quickly began to realize that she was suffering from anxiety being around other dogs. She was fine with our 9 month old pup and with our son's two year old dog, but at the dog park or if too much was going on with lots of people and pets, she would withdraw and find a small space to retreat to. If other dogs approached her, she would lash out, almost as if she was being threatened and defending herself. Three months ago we got a third pup, we hoped having a younger sister would make her more confident. This did not happen. In fact, her anxiety worsened. We went to our vet, Dr. Bethany Howe of Hawkins Animal Hospital, and explained the situation. Dr. Howe suggested that we meet with Jenny to help our 18 month old pup. She has had three sessions with Jenny, each about an hour and over the course of about six weeks, and the difference has been remarkable. While she will always have anxiety, she is certainly able to better navigate through the stress, has adjusted well to the new puppy as well as social settings. 

I know everyone is not a believer, but here is some validating information that Jenny was able to get from the first session with our pup.....Jenny asked me if I fed her warm food, if we wrapped her in her favorite blanket and if she retreated to small spaces. When I confirmed, Jenny said that our pup liked the food and blanket and that it made her feel safe and loved. We were told when we rescued her that she was taken from her mother too soon, another fact not share with Dr. Howe or Jenny. If your pet is experiencing any kind of emotional challenges we highly recommend bring ing your pet to Jenny. Our whole family has been seeing her now!"

- Louann, Farmingville, NY